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Descent With Motorcycle

Its been a very long time since i wrote article about motorcycle. Motorcycle its one of part in my life. Recently motorcycle had a small amount of attention because i spend more time in bicycle. So i think its good if i start to dig anything about motorcycle again, specially about riding technique. Below, its an article about how you should descent on the trail with motorcycle. Some point you can use in biking too where the others can't. Lets read it will ya?

If you’re not aware and paying attention as well as you should and head into a downhill with too much speed, it’s a tough situation to backpedal out of. You should try to ride at a speed that allows you to stop within your field of vision.

Begin at the correct speed and you can control it; come into the hill too fast and you’ll be fighting a tough battle. Your speed should be kept at a pace where you can maintain it and you can stop if necessary.  Control the speed and the biggest challenge is complete.

Ideally, you want to stand up and lean back to the point of being able to brace yourself so that it’s physically easier. If you don’t lean back you’ll have huge amounts of pressure on your hands and arms, so let the bike pivot underneath you and get your weight to the rear of the bike. Either way, make sure you keep your head up and vision forward to help with selecting the best line options on the way down.

Be sure not to lock your rear wheel. If you feel it lock, release it to keep the rear wheel turning.  Keep all of your control inputs progressive; the front brake especially should be a squeeze, not a grab. You’ll need to modulate the amount of pressure applied to the brakes, so try and do it smoothly

Look for lines on the descent that will offer good traction and won’t lead you into a situation. Avoid loose surfaces where you can and be willing to move around on the trail to find the best traction available.

If the hill isn’t too steep and you can see the bottom, it may be possible to allow the compression of the engine to control your speed for you. The engine brake works well and allows you to stay away from the brakes, which can be preferable for less-experienced riders. Try to use the engine brake: shift downward until you have the right speed without the throttle, or with a bit of throttle. In a turn, open the throttle a bit. When it is so steep that your speed is too high, even in the first gear, you will have to use the brake as well.

Dirt Action Magazine, May 2016

Twist the throttle and enjoy the ride

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