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I Love It: Yamaha TMAX 2017

WITH EVER-INCREASING traffic and a dwindling supply of city parking, scooters have become a logical and popular choice for commuters – all you have to do is look at CBD parking lots to see a plethora of them. The reason for this is that scooters are easy to handle, convenient and relaxing, not only for the new rider but also the experienced motorcyclist who wants a runabout for the city. 

Back in 2001 Yamaha released its first TMAX, a scooter that could be used to run down to the local shops, but which also offered performance more closely resembling a motorcycle. Basically it was Yamaha’s attempt to bridge the gap between its scooter and bike ranges. For your information the 2017 model is the sixth generation of the TMAX. The latest incarnation has received a raft of changes and Yamaha says that it benefits from better acceleration, agility and lower weight. It’s also got a more sporty design with LED lights a great finish

Powering the TMAX is a 530cc liquid-cooled, DOHC, four-stroke, in-line two-cylinder engine that produces 34.2kW at 6750rpmand an impressive (for a scooter) 52Nmat 5250rpm. Ready to roll, with its 15 litre tank full up, it weighs 216kg wet. It’s not exactly light, but swap the 6 and the 1 around, and you’ve got the wet weight of the C650GT, which means the 15 extra horsepower the BMW has over the Yamaha isn’t a big deal.

The TMAX range has also expanded; it’s now made up of three bikes: the standard TMAX, the SX and the DX. The SX is the sportier version, and comes in racier paintjobs, whilst also getting a ‘D-Mode’ selector that allows you to switch between rider modes T and S. It also gets My TMAX Connect, a smartphone interface through which you can interact with your bike, and track it if some thieving swine decides to steal it. The DX is intended as the luxury option, for those who want to use it for longer journeys. It too gets its own exclusive colours, and also benefits from cruise control, D-Mode adjustable power modes, an electronically adjustable windscreen, heated grips and rider seat, an adjustable rear shock, and the My TMAX Connect system. How about the standard TMAX? Strip the heated bits, adjustable screen and power modes from the DX and you’ve got the base model TMAX.

Along with the Euro4-related engine changes, all the new TMAXs have YCC-T ride by wire throttle and traction control, which works by controlling the ignition timing and fuel injection. The DX has two riding modes. Said modes, which Yamaha terms D-Mode technology, are: Sport (S) and Touring (T). Both deliver the same power, but T mode gives you a much softer throttle map. Switching between modes can be done while riding, with the press of a button.

Equipped with Cruise Control, the system operates above 50 km/h, and can be increased or decreased in 2km/h increments by a single push of a switch on the left handlebar, or by continuously holding down the switch. Riders can easily cancel the cruise control by braking or turning the throttle past the closed position, and a ‘resume’ button returns the system to its last used speed setting. 

For added convenience the TMAX DX model is equipped with an electronically adjustable windscreen that can be raised or lowered by 135mm using a switch on the left handlebar. The specially designed screen works in conjunction with the central air duct to reduce air pressure and turbulence acting upon the rider, creating a more relaxed and comfortable environment. On the TMAX and TMAX SX models the screen is manually adjustable by changing the screen adjustment bolts, and offers 55mm of vertical movement. 

There’s also a new aluminium chassis, a narrower carbon fibre drive belt, lighter tyres (saving 1kg) and a narrower rear wheel rim (now 4.5”). The underseat storage compartment has grown, and the dash gets a new TFT central unit sitting between the analogue tacho and speedo, while the TMAX is also now keyless, and prepped to connect with Dainese’s D-Air system.


Australian Motorcyle News magazine, vol. 66 2017

Twist the throttle and enjoy the ride

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